Two years ago, I switched from my beloved xmms to audacious.

During this 2 years with Audacious, I suffered a bit. It was working quite fine, but I saw no big progress around it. Life happened, and I had to use a network system to play music. I started to use PulseAudio over TCP, but it does not work well, and does not work at all with Audacious (and even if the plugin is provided by upstream). So I decided to dump it.

And some days ago I discovered Sonata, a [MPD](] client. I never liked MPD so far because all clients I found were lame.

But I really like Sonata. It allows me to listen music the way I still want: load everything in one playlist, listen everything randomly or type a song/artist to jump to it directly in the current playlist. It even has some nice feature (lyrics, so I'll be able to song out loud, covers, tag editing…) and is written in Python and GTK+ (some days I may even hack it!).

You can rest in peace x11amp :-p