My latest contributions to the Emacs' world

I spend too much time writing Emacs Lisp code these days. Unfortunately, the more I do the more I find new useful tools to improve my work-flow and save time for doing more Lisp. D'oh.

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01 Mar 2011 | Tags: emacs git gnus orgmode erc

OrgCamp Paris 2011 review

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the first OrgCamp in Paris.

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23 Jan 2011 | Tags: orgmode orgcontacts

OrgCamp 2011

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17 Jan 2011 | Tags: orgmode

Org-mode and holidays

Org-mode has a nice option which allows you to show week-end days in a different color in your agenda. That means that Saturday and Sunday (when I do not work) are fontified with org-agenda-date-weekend.

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15 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode

Icon category support in Org-mode

My latest patch for Org mode has been accepted by Carsten today. It adds support for custom category icons in all views, like agenda or todo.

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04 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode

Emacs, Org, whatever the weather!

Another week, another Emacs extension!

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08 Sep 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode googleweather

M-x google-maps

Since I have started to use Org-mode, I though it was missing something to have appointment locations on a map. Of course, it's easy to get a LOCATION property from an entry, and then browse-url on Google Maps.

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28 Jun 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode googlemaps