xpyb 1.3 released

It took a while to get it out, but finally, 3 years after the latest release (1.2), the version of 1.3 of xpyb (the XCB Python bindngs) is out.

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22 Mar 2012 | Tags: python xcb xpyb freedesktop x11

Thoughts and rambling on the X protocol

Two years ago, while working on awesome, I joined the Freedesktop initiative to work on XCB. I had to learn the arcane of the X11 protocol and all the mysterious and old world that goes with it.

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01 Jun 2010 | Tags: x11 ewmh

The eggtray problem

I still don't know why but many GTK+ applications use something called eggtrayicon. As far as I know, eggtrayicon.c is a file written in 2002 by Anders Carlsson which implements the Freedesktop.org system tray procotol for GTK+ applications.

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03 Oct 2008 | Tags: x11 gtk systray freedesktop

EWMH and XRandR

Today I decided to add some EWMH support to awesome. It now supports a bunch of this extensions quite nicely.

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27 Dec 2007 | Tags: x11 ewmh