Being in Charge

Being in Charge

If you never heard of the 10x engineer myth, it's a pretty great concept. It boils down to the idea where an engineer could be 10x more efficient than a random engineer. I find this fantastically twisted.

Last week, I sat and chat with Alexis Monville in Le Podcast — a podcast that equips you to make positive change in your organization. We talked about that 10x Engineer myth, and from there we digressed on how to grow your career and handle the different aspects of it.

This was a very interesting exchange. Alexis is actually going to publish a new book next month (May 2020) entitled I am a Software Engineer and I am in charge.

Lucky me, this week, I had the chance to be able to read the book before everybody else — which means I actually read after our recording. I understood why Alexis said that a lot of what I was talking about during our podcast resonated with him. I send a detailed review of the book to Alexis and Michael if you're curious. I'm definitely recommending this book if you want to stop complaining about your job and start understanding how to pull the strings.

I wish I had this book available 10 years ago! 😅