The Hacker's Guide to Python released!

Tuesday 25 March 2014 Python, Books Comments Follow Me

And done! It took me just 8 months to do this entire book project around Python. From the first day I started writing to today, where I finally publish and sell – almost entirely – myself this book. I'm really proud of what I've achieved so far, as this was something totally new to me.

Doing all of that has been a great adventure, and I'll promise I'll write something about that later on. A making of.

For now, you can enjoy reading the book and learn a bit more about Python. I really hope it'll help you bring your Python-fu to a new level, and help you build great projects!

Go check it out, and since this is first day of sale, enjoy 20% off by using the offer code THGTP20.

Check out The Hacker's Guide to Python!

Want to know more about writing good and performant Python code? Read The Hacker's Guide to Python and learn about designing Python applications, scalability, state of the art, advice to apply when building your application, tips and even hacker interviews, etc. Interested?

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