Python sets comparisons

Tuesday 17 May 2011 Python Comments

This week I lost some time playing with Python's sets.

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Why not Lua

Tuesday 26 April 2011 Lua Comments

Since my latest announcement of the Lua workshop, I received a couple of emails asking why I discourage the use of Lua.

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Lua workshop at Fabelier/tmplab

Thursday 14 April 2011 Lua Comments
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Using advanced filter with mod_authnz_ldap

Monday 04 April 2011 LDAP, Apache HTTP Server Comments

As you may know, Apache's mod_authzn_ldap allows to authenticate users in Apache HTTP server using an LDAP server. Unfortunately, it has a little implementation flaw.

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Org contacts now part of org-contrib

Friday 18 March 2011 Org Comments
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Second OrgCamp Paris

Friday 11 March 2011 Org Comments
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My latest contributions to the Emacs' world

Tuesday 01 March 2011 Emacs, Git, Gnus, Org, ERC Comments

I spend too much time writing Emacs Lisp code these days. Unfortunately, the more I do the more I find new useful tools to improve my work-flow and save time for doing more Lisp. D'oh.

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Handling my music collection with git-annex

Wednesday 23 February 2011 Git Comments

git-annex is a recent tool allowing to manage files with git without having theirs contents checked into git.

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Announcing Org-contacts

Tuesday 08 February 2011 Org, BBDB Comments
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Naquadah theme for Emacs

Monday 31 January 2011 Emacs Comments
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