Various news: what happend during summer

Tuesday 22 September 2009 Lua, awesome, XCB Comments

It's been a while since I blogged about something. So here's a bunch of things I've done the last month.

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TODO list management

Friday 10 July 2009 Comments

My fellow Debian developer Steve Kemp told us about his TODO list management.

While reading his post, I was constantly thinking "been there, been there buddy". Yeah, I've been.

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Upgrading to dovecot 1.2: hello Sieve!

Thursday 09 July 2009 Sieve, Dovecot, Mail, IMAP Comments

Last year, I told you I wanted to use Sieve to filter my mail. I did not switch, because of the lacking implementation of some Sieve features inside Dovecot, my preferred IMAP server.

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Taking the other direction

Wednesday 15 April 2009 awesome Comments

I've started to develop awesome more than 18 months ago, and somehow I feel it's time to stop a bit and think where we come from and where we are going to.

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OpenOffice is better as a pager than as a text processor

Wednesday 11 February 2009 Freedesktop, awesome Comments

Since several month, awesome users have reported a bug with OpenOffice.org. When using OOo and clicking on a menu, or using the mouse wheel to read a document, the currently selected tag (desktop) will change automagically to another one.

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startup-notification ported to XCB

Thursday 29 January 2009 Freedesktop, startup-notification, XCB Comments

Since Tuesday, I've begun to work on XCB portage of the startup-notification library.

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Rants about Lua

Tuesday 30 December 2008 Lua Comments

I've started using Lua some months ago, while looking for a more powerful way to configure awesome. At this time, around March 2008, Lua seemed to be the best language to integrate inside the core system of awesome.

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Security bug found in Imlib2

Saturday 22 November 2008 CVE, Imlib, Security Comments

Yeah, I'm the proud discover of CVE-2008-5187.

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The eggtray problem

Friday 03 October 2008 X11, GTK+, Freedesktop Comments

I still don't know why but many GTK+ applications use something called eggtrayicon. As far as I know, eggtrayicon.c is a file written in 2002 by Anders Carlsson which implements the Freedesktop.org system tray procotol for GTK+ applications.

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Unexpected VARMon new release

Monday 18 August 2008 Linux Comments

This has been 4 years since I released a new upstream release of VARMon, the DAC960 administration tool.

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