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Sony Vaio Z Debian Linux support

Saturday 11 August 2012 Debian, Linux Comments

I had to install Debian Wheezy on a brand new Sony Vaio Z laptop with the new Ivy Bridge architecture (SVZ1311C5E). I'll talk about this here, because it's always nice to know that new hardware works quite fine (or not) under Debian.

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Logitech K750 keyboard and Unifying Receiver Linux support

Monday 09 July 2012 Linux, USB, Logitech Comments

A year ago, I bought a Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. I'm particularly picky on keyboards, but this one is good. It has an incredible useful feature: while being wireless, it has no need for disposable or rechargeable batteries, it uses solar power!

My problem is that there's obviously no way to know the battery status from Linux, the provided application only working on Windows.

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Unexpected VARMon new release

Monday 18 August 2008 Linux Comments

This has been 4 years since I released a new upstream release of VARMon, the DAC960 administration tool.

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ATL1E support in Linux 2.6.26-1

Thursday 31 July 2008 Linux, Debian Comments

Ben Armstrong opened an ITP for the ATL1E NIC driver, which is found on some Asus EeePC laptops. So, as suggested by Maximilian Attems, I provided a clean patch for this driver, made from a cherry-pick from the linux-netdev 2.6.27 tree. It has been committed into the 2.6.26-1 Debian kernel, which will be furnished with Lenny.

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