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Python 3.4 single dispatch, a step into generic functions

Tuesday 17 September 2013 Python, Lisp Comments

I love to say that Python is a nice subset of Lisp, and I discover that it's getting even more true as time passes. Recently, I've stumbled upon the PEP 443 that describes a way to dispatch generic functions, in a way that looks like what CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, provides.

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OpenStack meets Lisp: cl-openstack-client

Thursday 04 July 2013 Common Lisp, Lisp, OpenStack Comments

A month ago, a mail hit the OpenStack mailing list entitled "The OpenStack Community Welcomes Developers in All Programming Languages". You may know that OpenStack is essentially built using Python, and therefore it is the reference language for the client libraries implementations. As a Lisp and OpenStack practitioner, I used this excuse to build a challenge for myself: let's prove this point by bringing Lisp into OpenStack!

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Hy, Lisp in Python

Wednesday 03 April 2013 Python, Hy, Lisp, PyConFR Comments

I've meant to look at Hy since Paul Tagliamonte started to talk to me about it, but never took a chance until now. Yesterday, Paul indicated it was a good time for me to start looking at it, so I spent a few hours playing.

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Overriding cl-json object encoding

CL-JSON provides an encoder for Lisp data structures and objects to JSON format. Unfortunately, in some case, its default encoding mechanism for CLOS objects isn't exactly doing the right thing. I'll show you how Common Lisp makes it easy to change that.

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Integrating cl-irc and cl-async

Friday 04 January 2013 Common Lisp, Lisp, IRC, cl-irc, cl-async Comments

Recently, I've started programming in Common Lisp.

My idea here is to use cl-irc, an IRC library into an event loop. This can be really useful, for example to trigger action based on time, using timers.

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