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Mastering PostgreSQL

Tuesday 07 November 2017 PostgreSQL, Books Comments

A few months ago, my friend Dimitri Fontaine and I discussed writing books and sharing our knowledge. If you do not know Dimitri yet, he is an old-time PostgreSQL Major Contributor – meaning he writes code for the PostgreSQL software itself!

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From decimal to timestamp with MySQL

When working with timestamps, one question that often arises is the precision of those timestamps. Most software is good enough with a precision up to the second, and that's easy. But in some cases, like working on metering, a finer precision is required.

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Overriding cl-json object encoding

CL-JSON provides an encoder for Lisp data structures and objects to JSON format. Unfortunately, in some case, its default encoding mechanism for CLOS objects isn't exactly doing the right thing. I'll show you how Common Lisp makes it easy to change that.

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