Doing A/B testing with Apache httpd

When I started to write the landing page for The Hacker's Guide to Python, I wanted to try new things at the same time. I read about A/B testing a while ago, and I figured it was a good opportunity to test it out.

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06 Apr 2014 | Tags: apache

mod_defensible 1.5 released

Apache 2.4 being out, I noticed that my good old mod_defensible did not compile anymore.

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03 Apr 2012 | Tags: apache dnsbl debian

Using advanced filter with mod_authnz_ldap

As you may know, Apache's mod_authzn_ldap allows to authenticate users in Apache HTTP server using an LDAP server. Unfortunately, it has a little implementation flaw.

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04 Apr 2011 | Tags: ldap apache

Kicking out Web spammers with DNSBL

Every project has its story. Every war has its winner, and its casualties. They were 20 millions men, fighting for their freedom.

And you'll never know their story.

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15 Jan 2007 | Tags: apache dnsbl mod_defensible security