Gnus notifications

Today, I've merged my Gnus notifications module inside Gnus git repository. This way, it will be available for everybody in Emacs 24.2.

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29 Aug 2012 | Tags: emacs notify gnus

Emacs configuration published

I've finally published my Emacs configuration.

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24 Jul 2012 | Tags: emacs

ERC notifications

Today, I've merged my erc notifications module inside Emacs trunk. This way, it will be available for everybody in Emacs 24.2.

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21 Jul 2012 | Tags: emacs notify erc

10 years as a Debian developer

Ten years ago, I joined the Debian project as a developer.

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24 Feb 2012 | Tags: debian openstack xen emacs awesome vhffs tuxfamily

Google Contacts for Emacs

I finally finished a thing I was really missing: accessing my Google Contacts from Emacs.

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26 Sep 2011 | Tags: googlecontacts emacs

OAuth 2.0 for Emacs

This week, I've finished my OAuth 2.0 client implementation for GNU Emacs.

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23 Sep 2011 | Tags: oauth emacs

My latest contributions to the Emacs' world

I spend too much time writing Emacs Lisp code these days. Unfortunately, the more I do the more I find new useful tools to improve my work-flow and save time for doing more Lisp. D'oh.

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01 Mar 2011 | Tags: emacs git gnus orgmode erc

Color contrast correction

I finally took some time to finish my color contrast corrector.

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23 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs

Elisp color manipulation routines

Last week, I spent some time implementing various color manipulation routines. The ultimate goal was to find a way to determine if a text in a certain color was readable on a background with a different color.

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20 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs

Org-mode and holidays

Org-mode has a nice option which allows you to show week-end days in a different color in your agenda. That means that Saturday and Sunday (when I do not work) are fontified with org-agenda-date-weekend.

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15 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode

Google Maps for Emacs: moving, caching and home

Last week, I worked on my Google Maps for Emacs extension. I've introduced a new format handling for locations which include the longitude and latitude. The initial format was just a string describing the location, which was obviously too limited.

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08 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs googlemaps

Icon category support in Org-mode

My latest patch for Org mode has been accepted by Carsten today. It adds support for custom category icons in all views, like agenda or todo.

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04 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode

Transparent GIF support in Emacs 24

Last week, I wrote a couple of patches to add support for transparency when Emacs is displaying GIF images.

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02 Nov 2010 | Tags: gif emacs

No more dashes in Emacs 24 mode-line

We all know the good old Emacs mode-line you got under every window. Since the beginning (a long time ago), it starts and ends with dashes. I've proposed a patch to remove them.

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20 Oct 2010 | Tags: emacs

Enhancing Emacs mouse avoidance

Recent Emacs versions have a wonderful capacity to hide the mouse pointer as soon as you type and insert characters in a buffer. This is controlled by the `make-pointer-invisible' variable, which is set to t by default.

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19 Oct 2010 | Tags: emacs

Gnus and Gravatar support

This last couple of days I've been dedicated making Gnus… fresher.

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25 Sep 2010 | Tags: emacs gnus gravatar

Gnus news is good news!

As I already wrote too many times, I've started to use Gnus 6 months ago, and never looked back.

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23 Sep 2010 | Tags: emacs gnus

Emacs, Org, whatever the weather!

Another week, another Emacs extension!

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08 Sep 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode googleweather

Emacs and OfflineIMAP

I recently decided to use OfflineIMAP to synchronize my mails on my laptop. It's a great piece of software, and allows me to read my mail while I'm offline.

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03 Sep 2010 | Tags: emacs offlineimap

Emacs, Google Maps and BBDB

Today's fun idea was to put all my contacts stored into BBDB on a Google Maps' map, using my Google Maps extension for Emacs.

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18 Aug 2010 | Tags: emacs bbdb googlemaps

Update on rainbow-mode

rainbow-mode had a big success and good feedbacks when I released it for the first time a couple of months ago.

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10 Aug 2010 | Tags: emacs

M-x google-maps

Since I have started to use Org-mode, I though it was missing something to have appointment locations on a map. Of course, it's easy to get a LOCATION property from an entry, and then browse-url on Google Maps.

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28 Jun 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode googlemaps

Announcing rainbow-mode

While customizing Emacs this last weeks, I had the need to customize also the color theme.

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16 Jun 2010 | Tags: emacs

Desktop notification support for Emacs

This last weeks, I've worked on implementing the Desktop Notification Specification into Emacs.

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09 Jun 2010 | Tags: freedesktop emacs notify

Announcing erc-track-score

A couple of months ago, I've started using ERC to hang out on IRC.

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07 Jun 2010 | Tags: emacs erc

Announcing muse-blog

Digging into the fabulous world of Emacs and Lisp, I wanted to use it to build my personal Web site and my blog.

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19 May 2010 | Tags: emacs muse