Google Maps for Emacs: moving, caching and home

Last week, I worked on my Google Maps for Emacs extension. I've introduced a new format handling for locations which include the longitude and latitude. The initial format was just a string describing the location, which was obviously too limited.

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08 Nov 2010 | Tags: emacs googlemaps

Emacs, Google Maps and BBDB

Today's fun idea was to put all my contacts stored into BBDB on a Google Maps' map, using my Google Maps extension for Emacs.

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18 Aug 2010 | Tags: emacs bbdb googlemaps

M-x google-maps

Since I have started to use Org-mode, I though it was missing something to have appointment locations on a map. Of course, it's easy to get a LOCATION property from an entry, and then browse-url on Google Maps.

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28 Jun 2010 | Tags: emacs orgmode googlemaps