Since 2011 Free Software Consultant at Julien Danjou (Paris, France)
  • Upstream contributions to OpenStack;
  • Free Software development;
  • Information Technology consulting.
Fore more detail, you can check my references.
October 2011 - June 2012 Lead developer at eNovance (Paris, France)

eNovance is a cloud and managed service provider.

February 2006 - September 2011 Linux system engineer at Easter-eggs (Paris, France)

Easter-eggs is a computer service company providing Free Software only based solutions.

  • Specification, integration and deployment of Debian GNU/Linux based servers (LAMP, proxy, e-mail, firewall etc) for 40+ customers
  • Administration and development on Debian GNU/Linux systems
  • Various Free Software code hacking (C, Python, Perl)
  • Consulting, audit of running Linux systems: resolution of performance problems, detection of bad practices
  • Development of custom Debian GNU/Linux distributions and installers
  • Set-up and management of customer datacenter hosting (all technical and financial sides)
  • Building of cloud based hosting solution for big and ephemeral events (scaling, tests, etc)
June 2005 - August 2005
April 2003 - June 2003
System and network administrator at Lost Oasis (Marseille, France)

Lost Oasis is an Internet service provider (AS29075)

  • Administration and technical support on the main hosting platform
  • Network backbone administration, troubleshooting
  • Network and system monitoring tool set-up
June 2003 - August 2003 Quality assurance developer at Mandriva (Paris, France)
  • Hardware certification kit development (Perl)
  • Internal developments for the R&D department


Since 2011 OpenStack
Since 2010 GNU Emacs

Developer. Working on Gnus (an e-mail and news reader), Org-mode (organization tool) and various other packages.

  • Developed the google-maps and google-weather packages to get access to Google Maps and Weahter directly from Emacs
  • Imagined and implemented an algorithm to enhance foreground and background colors contrast in text rendering based on CIE DE2000
  • Wrote several packages (Gravatar, rainbow-mode) and contributed to tens of others.
  • Co-maintainer of el-get, Emacs extensions installation system (2011-2013)
  • Maintenance of the emacs-snapshot packages for Debian
Since 2008 Freedesktop
Since 2007 awesome

Author and technical leader of awesome, a X11 window manager, written in C and XCB and embedding Lua as its configuration language.

Since 2002 Debian


Since 2001 Free Software

Various contribution to multiple Free Software projects, like:

November 2008 CVE-2008-5187

Report of an Imlib2 vulnerability.

2003 - 2009 Ornix

Co-founder and active member of the Linux User Group of the Orne department. Event organization (Linux install party).

2002 - 2006 TuxFamily

President and system administrator.

  • Team work with other system administrators
  • Development and administration of the hosting platform (12 servers)
  • Organization management
2001 - 2006 VHFFS

VHFFS is a massive hosting platform and I've contributed to the development of the version 1, 2 and 4.

2000 - 2002 Frag Arena

Founder, president and network administrator.

  • Organization management
  • LAN party organization
  • Ephemeral network administration
1999 - 2002 Linux En Rezo / SANS Linux

Linux En Rezo (literally "Linux on network") was a french website aiming to help people wanting to set up their own home-network. I wrote a lot of documentation about installing services like DHCP, Samba, BIND, Apache, etc…


2004 - 2006 Master in Computer Science, System and Network Administration and Exploitation at University of South Brittany (Vannes, France)
2003 - 2004 Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science at University of South Brittany (Vannes, France)
2001 - 2003 University Diploma in Technology, Computer Science at Le Havre Institute of Technology (Le Havre, France)