This last weeks, I've worked on implementing the Desktop Notification Specification into Emacs.

It allows sending desktop notification in a very simple way.

    :title "You've got mail!"
    :body "There's 34 mails unread"
    :app-icon "~/.emacs.d/icons/mail.png"
    :urgency 'low)

It supports the protocol signals (NotificationClosed and ActionInvoked) and the two main methods (Notify and CloseNotification).

The methods specification are implemented entirely (hints, replaces, actions, icon, etc).

The signals are supported via callbacks function provided on the notification creation.

It have been merged into Emacs trunk today.

2010-06-09  Julien Danjou  <>

	* net/notifications.el: New file.

This also allowed me to discover, raise and fix a bug in the D-Bus binding of Emacs, which will be probably fixed in trunk soon.