Emacs and OfflineIMAP

Emacs and OfflineIMAP

I recently decided to use OfflineIMAP to synchronize my mails on my laptop. It's a great piece of software, and allows me to read my mail while I'm offline.

I use it with Gnus, of course. But I lacked a proper way to integrate OfflineIMAP with it, so I decided to write a little Emacs extension to run and monitor OfflineIMAP directly from Emacs.

Here comes offlineimap.el, an Emacs extension to run OfflineIMAP directly within Emacs. It will display OfflineIMAP output in a buffer, and optionally shows the current OfflineIMAP operation in the mode line.


By default the status is in the mode line only if you are in the Gnus group buffer. But that's customizable, of course, since this is Emacs!

If you are using el-get, there's already a recipe to install it!