In February 2009, my friend dim tried to force me using Emacs. I know a couple of people using it and Gnus for reading their mail, and it always made me curious.

At that time, more than a year ago, Emacs 22 and Gnus did not seem usable from my point of view.

But around mid February, with the help of dim, I tried again to start using Emacs.

Actually, this was not something new for me. I (very basically) used Emacs between 2000 and 2006. In 2006, when I finished the university and started working at Easter-eggs, I met a couple of vim enthusiasts. They taught me how to use it in various ways, and I started to know more about vim than Emacs, so I switched.

This time, I started by configuring it, but reading the manual and also learning a bit of Lisp. It took me several weeks, but step by step I learned many, many things. And I must admit, I liked it.

I've configured and starting to use some very important mode, like Gnus, Org mode, Muse, or even ERC.

I'll probably talk about various Emacs related things in the near future, since I already wrote more than a thousand lines of Lisp in the last 2 months.

Anyhow, I'd just conclude by asserting that my new Emacs/Gnus/Org/ERC setup beats my old vim/mutt/nothing/irssi to the death with a baseball bat. :-)