Finally, Gnocchi 1.3.0 is out. This is our final release, more or less matching the OpenStack 6 months schedule, that concludes the Liberty development cycle.

This release was supposed to be released a few weeks earlier, but our integration test got completely blocked for several days just the week before the OpenStack Mitaka summit.

New website

We build a new dedicated website for Gnocchi at We want to promote Gnocchi outside of the OpenStack bubble, as it a useful timeseries database on its own that can work without the rest of the stack. We'll try to improve the documentation. If you're curious, feel free to check it out and report anything you miss!

The speed bump

Obviously, if it was a bug in Gnocchi that we have hit, it would have been quick to fix. However, we found a nasty bug in Swift caused by the evil monkey-patching of Eventlet (once again) blended with a mixed usage of native threads and Eventlet threads in Swift. Shake all of that, and you got yourself pretty race conditions when using the Keystone middleware authentication.

In the meantime, we disabled Swift multi-threading by using mod_wsgi instead of Eventlet in devstack.

New features

So what's new in this new shiny release? A few interesting things:

  • Metric deletion is now asynchronous. That's not the most used feature in the REST API – weirdly people do not often delete metrics – but it's now way faster and reliable by being asynchronous. Metricd is now in charge of cleaning up things up.

  • Speed improvement. We are now confident to be even more faster than in the latest benchmarks I run (around 1.5-2× faster), which makes Gnocchi really fast with its native storage back-ends. We profiled and optimized Carbonara and the REST API data validation.

  • Improve metricd status report. It now reports the size of the backlog of the whole cluster both in its log and via the REST API. Easy monitoring!

  • Ceph drivers enhancement. We had people testing the Ceph drivers in production, so we made a few changes and fixes to it to make it more solid.

And that's all we did in the last couple of months. We have a lot of things on the roadmap that are pretty exciting, and I'll sure talk about them in the next weeks.