The time of the release arrived. A little more than three months have passed since the latest minor version, 4.1, has been released. There are tons of improvement and a few nice significant features in this release!

Most of the principal changes are recorded in the 4.2 release notes, but here are as a few that I find particularly interesting. There were 141 commits since 4.1.0 that we merged. As a comparison, it is a lot less than the 228 we had between 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 or the 375 we had between 3.1.0 and 4.0.0!

We added two compatibility endpoints on the REST API for InfluxDB and Prometheus. We want users coming from those other database systems or using tools that are compatible with them to be able also to use Gnocchi. This is now possible as Gnocchi offers endpoint to write data using the InfluxDB line protocol and Prometheus HTTP API. Reading data using their API is not supported yet though. For example, this has been tested with Telegraf and works perfectly fine!

Some other improvements were made, such as enhancing the ACL filtering when using Keystone for authentication, a new batch format for passing more information about non-existing metrics to create and tons of performance improvements!

We already started working on the next version of Gnocchi! Come and join us on GitHub! Star us, and stay tuned for some more awesome news around metrics.