M-x google-maps

M-x google-maps

Since I have started to use Org-mode, I though it was missing something to have appointment locations on a map. Of course, it's easy to get a LOCATION property from an entry, and then browse-url on Google Maps.


But it is too easy for me, so once again I said: challenge accepted! I will bring Google Maps into Emacs!

After several hours of work, the google-maps.el project shows a map!

It fully implements the Google Static Maps API and the Google Maps Geocoding API.

You can type M-x google-maps and type some place to see it marked on map. Of course you can do much more, as seen in the screen shot above.

I've also completed all of this with a small org-location-google-maps.el which simply show a Google Maps' map for the location of an event in Org mode by pressing C-c M-l in an Org buffer or in the Org agenda.