Like I already wrote here last week, I've been heavily working on OpenStack for the last weeks.

My first assignment was to package OpenStack for Debian. The packages already present in unstable were mainly done by Thomas Goirand, who based its work on the one done in Ubuntu. Therefore, the packages where not in a very good shape for Debian.

Today Ghe Rivero and I (members of the OpenStack Debian packaging team) managed to push the OpenStack Essex 2 milestone into unstable with great success. You can now test and deploy OpenStack Essex 2 very easily!

Packaging OpenStack made me write several patches, mainly related to packaging, patches which were all accepted and merged by upstream. This is nice because most of the OpenStack Debian packages lost their debian/patches directories now!

Finally, I've finished to implement one blueprint I really missed: the ability to boot from an ISO image using libvirt. The code still needs a review, but it should be included in the Essex 3 milestone if everything's right.