OpenStack Ceilometer Havana-1 milestone released

Yesterday, the first milestone of the Havana development branch of Ceilometer has been released and is now available for testing and download. This means the first quarter of the OpenStack Havana development has passed!

New features

Ten blueprints have been implemented as you can see on the release page. I'm going to talk through some of them here, that are the most interesting for users.

Ceilometer can now counts the scheduling attempt of instances done by nova-scheduler. This can be useful to eventually bill such information or for audit (implemented by me for eNovance).


People using the HBase backend can now do requests filtering on any of the counter fields, something we call metadata queries, and which was missing for this backend driver. Thanks to Shengjie Min (Dell) for the implementation.

Counters can now be sent over UDP instead of the Oslo RPC mechanism (AMQP based by default). This allows counter transmission to be done in a much faster way, though less reliable. The primary use case being not audit or billing, but the alarming features that we are working on (implemented by me for eNovance).


The initial alarm API has been designed and implemented, thanks to Mehdi Abaakouk (eNovance) and Angus Salkled (RedHat) who tackled this. We're now able to do CRUD actions on these.

Posting of meters via the HTTP API is now possible. This is now another conduct that can be used to publish and collector meter. Thanks to Angus Salkled (RedHat) for implementing this.

I've been working on an somewhat experimental notifier driver for Oslo notification that publishes Ceilometer counters instead of the standard notification, using the Ceilometer pipeline setup.

Sandy Walsh (Rackspace) has put in place the base needed to store raw notifications (events), with the final goal of bringing more functionalities around these into Ceilometer.

Obviously, all of this blueprint and bug fixes wouldn't be implemented or fixed without the harden eyes of our entire team, reviewing code and advising restlessly the developers. Thanks to them!

Bug fixes

Thirty-one bugs were fixed, though most of them might not interest you so I won't elaborate too much on that. Go read the list if you are curious.

Toward Havana 2

We now have 21 blueprints targeting the Ceilometer's second Havana milestone, with some of them are already started. I'll try to make sure we'll get there without too much trouble for the 18th July 2013. Stay tuned!