Last week, the second milestone of the Havana development branch of Ceilometer has been released and is now available for testing and download. This means the first half of the OpenStack Havana development has passed!

New features

Ten blueprints have been implemented as you can see on the release page. I'm going to talk through some of them here, that are the most interesting for users.


The Ceilometer API now returns all the samples sorted by timestamp. This blueprint is the first one implemented by Terri Yu, our OPW intern! In the same spirit, I've added the ability to limit the number of samples returned.

On the alarming front, things evolved a lot. I've implemented the notifier system that will be used to run actions when alarms are triggered. To trigger these alarms, Eoghan Glynn (Red Hat) worked on the alarm evaluation system that will use the Ceilometer API to check for alarm states.

I've reworked the publisher system so it now uses URL formatted target for publication. That now allows to publish different meters to different target using the same publishing protocol (e.g. via UDP toward different hosts).

Sandy Walsh (RackSpace) have been working on the StackTach like functionality and added the ability for the collector to optionally store the notification events received.

Finally, Mehdi Abaakouk (eNovance) implemented a TTL system for the database, so you're now able to expire your data whenever you like.

Bug fixes

Thirty-five bugs were fixed, though most of them might not interest you so I won't elaborate too much on that. Go read the list if you are curious.

Toward Havana 3

We now have 30 blueprints targeting the Ceilometer's third Havana milestone, with some of them are already started. I'll try to make sure we'll get there without too much trouble for the 6th September 2013. Stay tuned!