The OpenStack Technical Committee has voted these last weeks about graduation of Heat and Ceilometer, to change their status from incubation to integrated.

The details of the discussion can be found in the TC IRC meetings logs for the brave. The results are:

  • Approve graduation of Heat (to be integrated in common Havana release)? yes: 10, abstain: 1, no: 1
  • Approve graduation of Ceilometer (to be integrated in common Havana release)? yes: 11, abstain: 1

Therefore both projects have been graduated from Incubation to Integrated status. That means that Heat and Ceilometer will be released as part as OpenStack for the next release cycle Havana, due in Autumn 2013.

For people being curious, we the Ceilometer team put up a nice wiki page about our status and what we think we were ready to jump. For the curious, The OpenStack Technical Committee charter has some explanations about the incubation and integration process.

What about Grizzly?

Both projects will be released with Grizzly too, obviously, since they already follow the release process of OpenStack.

What about core?

The question that has been raised several times to me is if that means the projects are becoming Core projects. The answer is no, because how to become a Core project is still under discussion and is more a matter for the Board of Directors than the Technical Committee. But this is definitely a step in this direction.

Anyway, from a technical point of view, this means both projects are now onboard with other OpenStack components so you can enjoy them!