Yesterday, the second milestone of the Icehouse development branch of Ceilometer has been released and is now available for testing and download. This means the first half of the OpenStack Icehouse development has

New features

For the Icehouse-1 milestone, we barely had enough time to implement 2 blueprints. We almost did a better job this time, but finally only 2 blueprints were implemented again. This is really far from what we planned initially. The infrastructure slowdown issues and the lower number of reviews is probably the root cause here.

Anyway, Ceilometer now offers a REST API to accesses the stored event.

The initial work to replace the /v2/meters endpoint with something more RESTy has started with the implementation of /v2/samples.

Bug fixes

Thirty-one bugs were fixed, though most of them might not interest you so I won't elaborate too much on that. Go read the list if you are curious.

Toward Icehouse 3

We now have 29 blueprints targeting the Ceilometer's third Icehouse milestone, with some of them are already started and ready to merge. However, it's likely that we won't make all of them. As usual, the priority should indicate how confident we are that we want and need a feature. Still, it's likely the roadmap will be adjusted in the upcoming weeks. I'll try to make sure we'll get there without too much trouble for the 6th March 2013. Stay tuned!