While working on the XLcloud project (HPC on cloud) it appeared clear to us that OpenStack was missing a critical component towards resource reservations.

A capacity leasing service is something really needed by service providers, especially in the context of cloud platforms dedicated to HPC style workload. Instead of building something really specific, the decision has been made to build a new standalone OpenStack components aiming to provide this kind of functionnality to OpenStack. In the spirit of others OpenStack components, it will be extensible to fullfil a large panel of needs around this problematic.

The project is named Climate, and is hosted on StackForge. It will follow the standard OpenStack development modal. This service will be able to handle a calendar of reservations for various resources, based on various criteria.

The project is still at its early design stage, and we plan to have a unconference session during the next OpenStack summit in Portland to present our plans and ideas for the future!