For the last time in 2016, I flew out to the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, where I had the chance to meet (again) a lot of my fellow OpenStack contributors there.

How To Work Upstream with OpenStack

My week started by giving a talk about How To Work Upstream with OpenStack where I explained, accompanied by Ryota and Ashiq, to the audience how to contribute upstream to OpenStack. It went well and was well received by the public – you can watch the video below or
download the slides.

Python 3 in telemetry projects

I've attended a few interesting cross-project sessions, which helped me getting some prioritization for my work during the next few months.

The Python 3 porting effort is blocked for a while in Nova and Swift for various (mostly non-technical) reasons, while almost all other projects are working correctly. On the other hand, we have committed the telemetry projects to be the first one to drop Python 2 support has soon as it is possible. The next steps are to be sure downstream is ready and enable functional testing in devstack with Python 3.

Ceilometer deprecation


The Ceilometer sessions were really interesting, are we mainly discussed deprecating and removing old crufts that are not or should not be used anymore. The main change will be the depreciation of the Ceilometer API. It has been clear for more than a year that Gnocchi is the way-to-go to store and provide access to metrics, but we failed at announcing wildly. A lot of the people I talked to during the summit were not aware that the Ceilometer API was not a good pick, and that Gnocchi was the now recommended storage backend. Bad communication from our side – but we are going to fix it as of now.

We also committed to simplify the current architecture by removing the collector, which has now be made obsolete by the agent based architecture that was implemented during the last development cycles.

Aodh alarm timeout

We had a feature proposal for a while in Aodh that we postponed for too long already: having timeout triggered after not having seen some events. This seems to be a functionality requested by NFV users – something we want Aodh to cover.

We spent some time discussing this feature, and now that we all have a clear understanding of the use case, we'll work on having a clear path to the implementation.

I've also attended a session with the Vitrage developers in order to discuss how we could work better together, as they rely on Aodh. It seems there might be some convergence in the future, which would be very welcome. Wait'n see.

Gnocchi improvement, past and future

The Gnocchi session ran smoothly, and everyone seemed happy with the work we have done so far. We've made some impressive improvement in Gnocchi 3.0 – as I already covered previously – and Gordon Chung presented a short talk about the performance difference metered while working on this new version of Gnocchi:

The return of the InfluxDB driver is on the table, as Sam Morrison proposed a patch for that while back. While it's not as fast and scalable as other drivers, it offers a good alternative for people having to use it.

Leandro Reox presented how to do capacity planning using Ceilometer and Gnocchi, presenting the projects at the same time:

It is pretty impressive to see what they achieved with this project, and I'm looking forward to being able to check how it works inside.

PTG and beyond

The next meeting is supposed to be the new OpenStack PTG in February in Atlanta, though we did not request any specific space there. While the team love seeing each other face-to-face every few months, we achieved to follow all of the guidelines I listed recently on good open source project management, meaning we are able to work very well asynchronously and remotely. There is no need to put hard requirements on people wanting to participate in our community. Nevertheless, I expect cross-projects discussions that will happen to still concern the OpenStack Telemetry projects.

In the end, we're all very happy with our past and future roadmaps and I'm looking forward to achieving our next big milestones with our amazing telemetry team!