Yesterday afternoon, I was at the first OrgCamp in Paris.

It was my first attendance to a BarCamp, and I really liked it. It's basically the first geek event I do not find boring nor useless.

There was about 18-20 persons participating, which was quite high, since we all initially though we would have been only 5.

We had several presentations of various features and personal usages of Org-mode. For my part, I've quickly presented the agenda, and my BBDB replacement named org-contacts (I'll probably talk about it on this blog in another post later).

The only downside was that Bastien (the new Org-mode maintainer) was not able to come and join us. On the other side, there were so much to tell for a first time, I did not have so much time to code. I only have been able to fix one bug reported during my agenda presentation.

In the end, the overall atmosphere was very enthusiastic and friendly, which was extremely pleasant. The #org-mode-fr IRC channel has been created on Freenode, following this event. Feel free to join us.

Since people liked it so badly, it seems there should be another barcamp in the next months. Stay tuned.