The Art of PostgreSQL is out!

The Art of PostgreSQL is out!

If you remember well, a couple of years ago, I wrote about Mastering PostgreSQL, a fantastic book written by my friend Dimitri Fontaine.

Dimitri is a long-time PostgreSQL core developer — for example, he wrote the extension support in PostgreSQL — no less. He is featured in my book Serious Python, where he advises on using databases and ORM in Python.

Today, Dimitri comes back with the new version of this book, named The Art of PostgreSQL.

As a bonus, here's a picture of me and Dimitri having fun in a PostgreSQL meetup!

I love the motto of this book: Turn Thousands of Lines of Code into Simple Queries. I have spent all my career working with code that talks to databases, and I can't count the number of times where I've seen people write lengthy, slow code in their pet language rather than a single well-thought SQL query which would do a better job.

This is exactly what this book is about.

That's why it's my favorite SQL book. I learned so many things from it. In many cases, I've been able to divide by 10 the size of the code I had to write in Python to implement a feature. All I had to do is to browse the book to discover the right PostgreSQL feature and write a single SQL query. The right query that does the job for me.

Less code, fewer bugs, more happiness!

The book also features interviews with great PostgreSQL users and developers — hey, no wonder where Dimitri got this idea, right? ;-)

I loved those interviews. What's better than reading Kris Jenkins explaining how Clojure and PostgreSQL play nice together, or Markus Winand (from the famous talking about the relationship developers have with their database. :-)

No need to say that you should get your hands on this right now. Dimitri just made a launch offer where he offers a 15% discount on the book until the end of this month! You can also read the free chapter to get an idea of what you'll get.

Last thing: it's DRM-free and money-back guaranteed. You can get this book with your eyes closed.