Exactly a year ago, I released the second edition of my book The Hacker's Guide to Python. One more time, it has been a wonderful release and I received a lot of amazing feedback from my readers all over this year.

Since then, the book has been translated into 2 languages: Korean and Chinese. A few thousands of copies has been distributed there, and I'm very glad the book has been such a success. I'm looking into getting it translated into more languages – don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any interesting connections in your country.


For those who still don't know about this guide, that I first released a couple of years ago, let me sum up by saying it's the Python book that I always wanted to read, never found, and finally wrote. It does not cover the basics of the language, but deals with concrete problems, best practice and some of the languages internals.

It includes content about unit testing, methods, decorators, AST, distribution, documentation, functional programming, scaling, PythonΒ 3, etc. All of that made it pretty successful! It comes with awesome 9 interviews that I realized with some of my fellow experienced Python hackers and developers!


In that 3rd edition, there is, like in each new edition, a few fixes on code, typos, etc. I guess books need a lot of time to become perfect! I also updated some of the content: things evolved a bit since I last revised the content a year ago. Finally, a new chapter about timestamps handling and timezone has made his appearance too.

If you didn't get the book yet, it's time to go check it out and use the coupon THGTP3LAUNCH to get 20Β % off during the next 48 hours!