How to make Twitter's Bootstrap tabs bookmarkable

I've been using Twitter's bootstrap library recently to build this Web site, and wondered how to be able to use the bootstrap-tab Javascript plugin in a bookmark friendly manner.

I ended up with a simple solution. These are my first steps in Javascript and front-end manipulation, and it's really not my area of expertise, so don't be harsh.

function bootstrap_tab_bookmark (selector) { if (selector == undefined) {
    selector = ""; }

    /* Automagically jump on good tab based on anchor */
    $(document).ready(function() {
        url = document.location.href.split('#');
        if(url[1] != undefined) {
            $(selector + '[href=#'+url[1]+']').tab('show');

    var update_location = function (event) {
        document.location.hash = this.getAttribute("href");

    /* Update hash based on tab */
    $(selector + "[data-toggle=pill]").click(update_location);
    $(selector + "[data-toggle=tab]").click(update_location);

All you need is to use and call this function with a selector (only useful if you have several tabs/pills divisions) when the document is ready.

The first part takes care of showing the good tab based on the hash contained in the URL. The second part takes care of changing the document location to add the current tab to it when the user clicks.