Unexpected VARMon new release

This has been 4 years since I released a new upstream release of VARMon, the DAC960 administration tool.

There was a bug first discovered in #401236. It has been fixed in Debian with an ugly fix, which did not work finally for a long time. Recently #491505 got opened too, which was the same as the previous one. But this time I got access to hardware, thanks to Christoph! And I finally fixed the bug. I've even be able to test the fixes I wrote years ago for all of the compilation warnings.

That's a shame that the problem was caused by dead code from the previous upstream, and that I did not realize that sooner. Kids, do not let dead debug code in your program at home.

So I've finally been able to release a new 1.2.1 version which maybe the last release for the next decade! ;-)