As you may know, Apache's mod_authzn_ldap allows to authenticate users in Apache HTTP server using an LDAP server. Unfortunately, it has a little implementation flaw.

The filter used to authenticate the user is built by abusing the RFC 2255 which specifies the LDAP URL format. This format has an "attribute" field which is normally used to specify which attributes should be returned. But mod_authzn_ldap uses this attribute to compare with the username given by the client. That means that you have to have an attribute in your LDAP entries which matches the username, and you have to use it in the "attribute" part of the URL to get things working.

Therefore, I wrote a patch to add a format string in the LDAP URL in order to user the provided username in the filter, and ignore the attribute part of the URL, which has no use in such a context anyway.

The bug has been opened in ASF Bugzilla and has number #51005, with the patch. The patch is backward compatible with the current configuration format, which is not the best choice in theory, but probably the more pragmatic.

I've no clue on the typical delay for patches inclusion in Apache HTTP
server, so let's just wait'n see.