It's been a while since I blogged about something. So here's a bunch of things I've done the last month.


Well, I've been in holidays one week. :-P


There have been a huge number of changes between 3.3 (released in June) and 3.4 (almost relesed). I wrote a small but very useful object layer on top of Lua, which adds a class/object system a bit like gobject. I've also replaced all the hooks by per-class/object signals. Finally, the awesome Lua basement are cleaner than they were before, and the extendability is improved. How nice.

We're trying to release 3.4 (rc2 should be out soon), but the development pace is a bit slower than a year before. We're basically almost 2 months late on what was our previous release rate. Not a big deal however.

I've started working on 3.5 slowly. It gonna get amazing new features too. :-)

Google Summer Of Code 2009

I've mentored Mariusz Ceier on XCB GSoC. He worked on adding Xinput2 and XKB extensions. And he managed to do this. His work should be imported ASAP, the discussion has started on XCB maling list last week.

In exchange, Google offered me (and to every mentor) an awful blue t-shirt! Thanks Google! :-P