I've recently got a mail from one of my faithful reader, asking why not considering notmuch.

Actually, I think notmuch already exists in a better way, and that's called
IMAP and Sieve.

What notmuch does, is tagging your mail with tags (obviously), based on filtering rules you write. The big downside is that you have to tag all your mails on your computer.

And if you use several computers, you'll have to tag several times your mails. And you'll have to find a way to maintain your rules to be identical on all your computers. That does not scale.

Using Sieve for mail filtering, one can do already that actually, and much

A notmuch rule like:

notmuch tag +intel from:intel.com and not tag:intel

Can be written as a Sieve rule like:

if address :all :contains "From" "intel.com" {
	addflag "intel";

The flags extension for Sieve is explained in RFC5232.

The Sieve based solution has the advantage of being treated server side, and therefore not subject to multiple or different MUA usages. It's also fast, if you use a good IMAP server like Dovecot, which has indexing, etc.

Furthermore, Sieve can obviously do a lot more than tagging, like splitting into different mailboxes, filtering with regexp usage, vacation, etc.

And if you want to fetch your mail locally, you can synchronize the IMAP box entirely with any software able to (like OfflineIMAP).

Now, what's probably missing, is a correct support for IMAP flags on various MUA around. But that's not something notmuch helps to solve either. :-)