The Hacker's Guide to Scaling Python

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Published in December 2017

Python is a wonderful programming language that allows writing applications quickly. But how do you make those applications scale for thousands of users and requests? It takes years of practice, research, trial and errors to build experience and knowledge along the way. Simple questions such as "How do I make my code faster?" or "How do I make sure there is no bottleneck?" cost hours to find good answers. Without enough background on the topic, you'll never be sure that any answer you'll come up with will be correct. The Hacker's Guide to Scaling Python will help you solve that by providing guidelines, tips and best practice. Adding a few interviews of experts on the subject, you will learn how you can distribute your Python application so it is able to process thousands of requests.


The Hacker's Guide to Python

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3rd edition published in May 2016

Python is a wonderful programming language that is being used more and more. It is fast, flexible, and comes with batteries included. Most of the books you read about Python teach you the language basics. In this book, I want to show you how to leverage Python to efficiently tackle your problems and build great Python applications.