Here is a list of Free Software (or related) projects I maintain or contribute to. I only list the projects for which I made a significant contribution, or the ones where I'm one of the author or developer.

There's also a lot of small contributions I did all over the years. Some of them are referenced on Open HUB.

  • Debian


    I am a Debian developer since 2002, (co-)maintaining a lot of packages. I've been an Application Manager, a Stable Release Manager and founded the Xen and the OpenStack packaging team.

  • Gnocchi


    Since 2014, I work on Gnocchi. a highly scalable and distributed time series and resources database

  • OpenStack


    I started in 2011 working on OpenStack. I lead the development of Ceilometer and Aodh and seated at the Technical Committee.

  • Hy


    I work with others on a Lisp implementation on top of Python, called Hy.

  • Common Lisp

    Common Lisp

    I've started to use Common Lisp in 2012, and now co-maintain CL-IRC.

  • awesome


    I had enough of non working window manager, so I started the awesome window manager project in 2007.

  • GNU Emacs

    GNU Emacs

    I use Emacs since 2010, and am a commiter. I wrote some packages like rainbow-mode, google-maps, etc.

  • XCB


    I've contributed and co-maintained the X C bindings since 2008, mentoring for the GSoC in 2009. I'm also maintaining xpyb.

  • startup-notification


    I've ported startup-notification to XCB for awesome, and thus I became a de facto maintainer.

  • Gnus


    Using Emacs is nice, but reading e-mail with it is better. Therefore I became a Gnus developer in 2010.

  • Org mode

    Org mode

    I liked to be organized using Emacs, so I'm an Org-mode developer since 2010.

  • PyMuninCli


    This Python package allow you to fetch data from Munin node daemon.

  • rebuildd


    If you want to rebuild the whole Debian archive, this is the tool I wrote to do it.

  • sysrqd


    sysrqd is a very special and very optimized daemon that enables you to use magic SysRq keys over IP.

  • telak


    Once upon a time, before starting to write awesome, I wanted to have pictures from the Internet displayed on my root window and I wrote telak.

  • mod_defensible


    An Apache HTTPD module made to block requests from spammers using DNSBL.

  • el-get


    I co-maintained el-get, an Emacs package installer, with my friend Dimitri.

  • XLcloud


    I worked on XLcloud during 2012-2013, particularly on the Ceilometer usage.

  • CompatibleOne


    I worked on CompatibleOne between 2011 and 2012 and particularly on EZVM and OCCI.

  • TuxFamily


    I managed in 2006 as president, and also have been a system administrator between 2002 and 2006.



    I was one of the author of the VHFFS platform between 2001 and 2006. It is the platform initiated and used by TuxFamily.