Hi! My name is Julien, and I've been a Free Software and Open Source hacker for the last 20 years. During the day, I work as a Staff Engineer at Datadog 💻, hacking Python software 🐍.

Since I write Python code every day, I ended up writing books about it: Serious Python 📘 and Scaling Python 📕!

I co-founded and run Mergify 🔀, a GitHub service around pull requests automation.

Before that, I hacked on various free software projects, such as Debian, where I've been a developer since 2002, GNU Emacs or even Common Lisp. I also contributed heavily to OpenStack, an open-source cloud-computing platform.

Once a while, I give talks about all of that.

I also enjoy playing FPS games 🎮, running half-marathon 👟, consider myself as a foodie 🥘 and an amateur mixologist 🍸!